Saints Row 4 Cheats


In the game Saints Row IV, the player shuttles between missions in the open world. Here let us see what is Saints Row 4 cheats and how one can use them. There are side missions as well such as Insurance Fraud or Tank Mayhem that player will have to unlock as he or she proceeds through the game.


saints row 4 cheats

The game play revolves around the fight between the evil Zin and our hero POTUS. POTUS is the acronym for the President of the United States. In addition to normal weapons such as rocket launchers, pistols and assault rifles, POTUS also has access to special weapons like the one, which makes the people’s head to swell.


Once the game begins, the player can invoke the cheats. For this he or she must pause the game and select “Extras” option. Under this, they can select “cheats” but once this is done the option for auto saving is absent. The player will have to manually save when cheats is on. Achievements is also disabled when cheats is activated.


At the start of the game, one can customize the player that one uses. This includes features like eyes, hair, clothing, body movements and facial features. One also can go naked, if one wants. Coming to the cheat codes, they are one of the following:

  • · Weapons – Vehicles codes
  • · Player codes
  • · Weather codes
  • · World codes

In the first section, we find the cheats like Infinite Sprint (runfast), Repair current vehicle (repaircar) or the Weapons (letsrock). The codes are those in parenthesis and one has to enter it correctly if you want to unlock the cheat; if it is correct, there will be a sound. Weapon unlocks all heavy pistol, baseball bat, heavy SMG, semi-auto shotgun, alien RPG and automatic rifle.


There are some more cheats that one can unlock or purchase. In the first type, we have Slow Motion (slowmo), Rated M++ (notrated) and Golden Gun (goldengun). One can also purchase “All super Upgrades” (dlc_sosuper), Infinite Ammo (dlc_unlimited_ammo), Never Die (dlc_never-die), Infinite Clip (dlc_unlimited clip) and super-power strength 100% (dlc_super_duper).


One will reach the next level when one completes the first mission “The Pledge”. Here one can unlock the Collectibles finder and upgrade to next level.


Player codes: cheese (you get 100,000 cache), runfast (unlocks super sprint), ittybitty (tiny player), imhuge (giant player) and lots more.

World codes: ascii (ASCII mode), nosuperpowers (disables superpowers), evilcars (evil cars) and mascot (turns pedestrians to mascots).

Weapons – Vehicles codes: giveufo (spawn alien UFO), givehovercar (spawns alien hover car), give eagle (spawn eagle) and many more.

Weather codes: lightrain (gives light rain), clearskies (clears up skies entirely) and heavyrain (gives heavy rain).


Among Activities, there is Mech Suit Mayhem where one has to create mayhem with a Mech suit in the given time. In the Mind over Murder activity, the player uses telekinesis power to control movements throw objects, pick up people, and throw them.

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