Subway Surfers Cheats

Subway Surfers is one of the most popular games available for smartphones such as Android and iOS. Many Smartphone users are so addicted to the game due to its unique, fun experience and are always looking for the latest subway surfers hints and subway surfers tips that can help make their playing experience even more exciting. There are various subway surfers cheats that can help make the game a little less challenging. They include:

1. Jetpack-Jump

This is a cheat in which you use the jetpack .If you’re able to time your jump and do it at the right moment, you can jump pretty high .Just pickup a Jetpack and when its fuel runs out, swipe up quickly. Note if your character will jump in mid air. You should swipe up quickly once you get your last coin since any delay may cause your character to land on the train.

subway surfers cheats2. A Free Past Board

This Subway Surfer cheat offers the Miami-Special Board completely free! Simply go to your phone’s setting and set the date to “May 30, 2013.” Open your Subway Surfers and look at your Boards Section to see if you got a Miami-Special Board! .However this cheat may not work for every device.

3. Hover-Mixture

One of the most popular cheats for subway surfers, Hover-Mixture is where the jetpack acts like a hoverboard. The glitch is pretty crazy but does not affect anything. Start by activating a hoverboard and wait until it ends. After the hoverboard ends perfectly, pick up your jetpack at the same time. (This is usually the hardest part of Hover-Mixture as it is virtually impossible for the two occur at the same time).

4. Time Travel

This cheat allows you to get some limited edition characters as well as other special missions with limited time. Go to your phone’s setting and click on “Date and Time.” Each stuff has different time from the next one (for instance October 3, 2012 for the Zombie Jake, May 30, 2013 Nick and Flamingo) so set time based on exactly what you want.

5. Lucky Death

This cheat is when your character bumps into an object or obstacle. You’ll simply stand and run (no movement) until you go to another lane and continue the game. Lucky Death works when there’s an obstacle ahead of you and the train on the opposite side, in few moments before death turns the side where the train is. Swipe in any direction so as to keep the character moving!

6. Back Forward Run

This is a really funny glitch which allows you to run backwards. First buy the Mystery Box a Mega Headstart. Start playing the game and die within a few seconds after beginning. As your character dies, click on the headstart so as to activate it. It flies back forward. Back Forward Run is a bit hard so you will need to try it several times to master it.

7. Moving Smoke

Also known as Mid-Air Smoke, Moving Smoke is a cheat where the “colored” smoke of the Jetpack will go to a different direction rather than the jetpack. First get the Bouncer hoverboard and activate it. While the Bouncer is still activated pick up the jetpack.